The Trainers of Bujinkan Dojo Athens are:

  • Shihan, Philipp Matsiridis, 15.Dan
  • Shihan, Dimitris Konstandinou, 10.Dan

matsiPhilippos Matsiridis found what Ninjutsu was about in 1981, being already owner of the brown belt in karate, during one of the seminars of Shihan Moshe Kastiel, that took place in Berlin, where he used to live since 1973. Ninjutsu art won him and he became Shihan Kastiel’s student, who is -in his turn- Shihan Doron Navon’s student, the first non-Japanese Hatsumi Sensei’s student, who took the unction of Shidoshi. Philippos Matsiridis studied intensively in the period 1981 – 1991 under the guidance of his teacher Moshe Kastiel and he attended almost all of the Tai-Kai with Hatsumi Sensei, that took place in Europe, plus seminars given by many other Ninjutsu masters. In July 1992, in Luxembourg, he succeeded in the Sakki examination; he became Shidoshi and a member of Shidoshi – Kai. Following that, he founded a school in Berlin, where he taught until November 1998, which is when he came back to Greece. Today, having the 10th Dan, he continuously works on the right representation and on the integrated coordination of Ninjutsu in his country.

dimiDimitris Konstandinou started Ninjutsu in 1999 , when he became a member of Bujinkan Dojo Athens. Properly set from the very beggining on martial arts he trained completely with zeal and persistence resulting in him earning deservedely the black belt and the title of Shidoshi-Ho. Eversince he has been teaching himself contineueing his personal training as well . Active and patient at the same time he came to understand the unwritten messages of the Ninja art and skillfully passed them on to his personal life. He assosiates himself with mercantry running his own company and has music as a hobby. He also likes to fish and travel. He is a sportsfan and natyrally an AEK F.C. worshipper.