This terminology is reported in the warrior’s bodily virtuosities and it could be translated as “the art of unarmed battle”. The Tai Jutsu constitutes indubitably the “foundation stone” of the exterminating education of Ninja, as it has been developed in the passage of centuries. This practical education in the “man to man” battle, which began in very young age and concerned various techniques like blocks, kicks, throws, grapplings, strangulations, lockings and immobilizations, as well as several release-techniques, had as base the natural movement of the body and the knowledge of its weak points. The objective was always the mission’s success, meaning that, the trainee should be able to use any means, which would lead him to the success of his aim. Other basic bodily virtuosities that belong to the education of Tai Jutsu, are the jumps, the falls, the ascensions and the various techniques of noiseless move. All this techniques are so well bounded, that it is not that easy to classify them. At this point, we present you a small passage from the enormous depository or the Tai Jutsu, referring to levers, holdings and drops, which are topics of the soft form of the “unarmed battle” (Ju Taijutsu).


  • Kansetsu Waza (Levers-Grapplings-Jointinversions)
  • Jime Waza (Strangling techniques)
  • Osae Komi Waza (Holdings – Immobilizations)


  • Tachi Waza (Standing throw techniques)
  • Sutemi Waza (Sacrifice throw techniques)