The exams for kyu and dan at Bujinkan Banbutsu Ruten Dojo Hellas will take place on Friday May 20th 18:30 under the Supervision of Philipp Matsidiris-Bujinkan Shihan. The exam material will be available at the DojoAll participants are kindly requested to register via filling the registration form  and paying the exam fee to scool instructor Dimitris Konstantinou,4dan shidoshi ho by Thursday March 31 2016. Any and all overdue registrations will not be accepted. The same goes for trainers of other schools and their participating students. Registrations will be available via e-mail on or in person at the Dojo (7 Efpalinou Str.,Amerikis square). For more information contact the following numbers (00302108646042-00306937388758).

Philipp Matsidiris
Bujinkan Shihan
Bujinkan Banbutsu Ruten Dojo Hellas