Interview by D. Tsetselis – February 2001
Warrior’s Path

From my young childhood, I was impressed from those mysterious phantom-human beings with the black masks on their face and cowls over their heads, which could appear and disappear at any unexpected moment, jump on trees or climb vertical walls, without any difficulty. Nowadays, after so many years, where I can think more logically about many things, the mystery and magic that characterizes those strange and unidentified hooded human-beings, prompts me to watch television every time I step over films that have to do with Ninjas, like no other film with the greatest artists of martial arts. Today, I have the pleasure to talk with one of the most serious and completed representatives of the Ninjas’ art in our country. Like he says, everything that we watch on films does not really have lots to do with the reality. Having created the Bujinkan Dojo Hellas, his goal is to promote the co-operation between the people of Ninjutsu in Greece and in this way to contribute to its enlargement, recognition and establishment. I am enjoying talking with him, drinking orange-juice, and for one more time, the little child in me is waking up, being ecstatic in front of those “unvisible” Ninja, although Philipp like every other serious trainer is not providing himself in this way.