The foundation of “Bujinkan Dojo Athens” was conceived as an idea in the beginning of 2000 by this small group of Budo friends and especially of Ninjutsu -you can see us on the photo- aiming the creation of a Dojo that would not only fulfill our desire for a more independent practice of our martial art, but that would also bond us more closely.

So a search effort for the appropriate place started, and in the beginning of 2000, we found our today hosting place. It took the most of us, some of us gave even more, in order to give this place the looks that we had in mind, since the place was used before for something completely different from what we do.

We are not 100% ready yet, but we have reached a point where we are able to practise under satisfactory conditions and at the same time to continue transforming the place.

We are all pleased and with the strength that derives from this satisfaction, we go on for something much better.

If you want to meet us, you can drop by the Dojo during the training hours, or if you just want to learn something about us, you can give us a ring.