1176362_587392221299234_858321692_nNinjutsu is a very old martial art that made its appearance about 1.500 years ago, during the warring medieval period of feudal Japan.

It includes techniques equally for unarmed and armed fight. The more basic part of Ninjutsu is Taijutsu. Here, one learns to use all of one’s body and not just one’s limbs separately. The base of this training, at least in the first stages, is the movement, what in Japanese is called Tai Sabaki. If the student has a good command of Taijutsu, then the training in weapons that follows contains no problems at all.

Nine different Ryu (styles, schools) are reported, that have immediate substantiated relation with at the time Soke.

Ninjutsu is not just a secret martial art that ensures an unusually good self-defense, but it is directly related with issues of Asian medicine, hypnosis, chiropractics, philosophy and religion.

Ninpo is more than just an art of war and of duel.

original_Hatsumi_MetsubishiIt is a way of life and guidance to the positive attitude towards things, aiming the engraving of such a way, that leads to the peaceful and harmonic co-existence with nature and ourselves.

It is the peaceful path, Bushido, of the warrior, who sees in the fighting dimension of the art, only the means and the way to the realization of his aim. The battle is only fought against ourselves and as far as the body and the spirit moulding are concerned, the pen and the sword are two equal tools.

The real Ninpo is only for those who want to develop their insistence and resistance, intending to find better ways for a happy and safe life.

“In this World of Nothing, one must see through the true nature of the human sense, of the knowledge or of the consciousness. One must take decisions and put them in action.”

Soke Masaaki Hatsumi

The Dojo has classes for childen (5-7 yrs old), junior teens( 8-12yrs old) and teen and adult classes (13+ adults). Registrations are possible everyday throughout the year.

Bujinkan Banbutsu Ruten Dojo Hellas is close to the center of Athens and is quite easy to reach. . The adress is: Bujinkan  Banbutsu Ruten Dojo Hellas 7, Efpalinou Str. (vertical to Patision ave No 185) 11253 Amerikis square / Athens Tel. 210 – 86 46 042 www.bujinkanhellas.com www.facebook.com/bujinkanhellas Email : bujinkandojohellas@gmail.com

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