On Saturday Fabruary 6th we will celeberate the 16(+1) years of Bujinkan Banbutsu Ruten Dojo. There will be a small event at the dojo involving….. ONE MORE TRAINING as well as many SURPRISES !!!!!!!!!
We will have the participation of- our Dojo’s present students aside (Ninja stars 5-7 years old,Ninja junior 8-12, Ninja adults 18+)   various beloved friends, students and classmates, that have in the course of those 16(+1) given life to this school and have helped, each in his or her own way, in the attempt to spread the martial art of Ninjutsu-Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu and the teachings of Soke Dr.Hatsumi Masaaki, in Greece under the guidance of  our Sensei and founder of Bujinkan Dojo Hellas (now known as Bujinkan Banbutsu Ruten), Philipp Matsiridis – Bujinkan Shihan. You are all welcome to celebrate with us!!!!!! Don’t forget to bring your Gi along… Our little event will start at 16:00 on Saturday February 6th and will last… as long as we want!!!!!