The exams for kyu and dan at Bujinkan Banbutsu Ruten Dojo Hellas will take place on Friday December 18th 18:30. All participants are kindly requested to register ( via payment of the exam fee) by Wednesday December 2 2015. Any and all overdue registrations will not be accepted. The same goes for trainers of associated schools and their participating students. Registrations will be available via e-mail on, inbox message at or in person at the Dojo (7 Efpalinou Str.,Amerikis square).For more information contact the school instructor,Dimitris Konstantinou,4dan shidoshi ho on the numbers 00302108646042-00306937388758).

Philipp Matsidiris
Bujinkan Shihan
Bujinkan Banbutsu Ruten Dojo Hellas